Qualityfrom World Class Technology


           Quality has always been our concern. By taking good care of all the work processes and of our World Class Technology, customers are able to be satisfied with the best quality product and services.

           We are absorbing high technology into our manufacturing process.


  • 2 Sets tilting melting furnace with Electromagnetic Stirrers


  • ACD In-Line Degasser


  • AirSlip Hot Top Billet Casting System


  • Casting Control System


  • Spectrometer


  • Continuous Homogenizing Furnace

           Fully equipped with world class high quality machinery, which has been carefully selected from the best of the world.

          The machineries can be ensured of low hydrogen, extremely low oxide inclusions, fine uniform grain structure, consistency and uniformily of alloying elements' content and distribution. There are no gravity segregation, no cracks and shrinkholes and no inclusions. These bring about consistent dimension, straightness, weight, and smoothly surface.Our target is to meet the highest customer satisfaction along with delivery schedule on time.



High quality tilting furnace with Electromagnetic Stirrer, these can bring well consistency of alloying elements' content.


STAS is proudly selected for our ACD In-line degassing process with rotary flux/gas injector (RFI), which provide efficient removal of hydrogen and reduce amount of chlorine gas to enhance high quality molten Aluminium with quality specifications that comply with world standards.


Wagstaff AirSlip Casting technology performs most of the cooling through direct water quench, resulting in a shallow sump and very thin-shelled, uniform grained billet with excellent surface smoothness.




Every billet is subjected to exactly the same temperature cycle during heating, holding and cooling. This results in perfect consistency of homogenizing quality.
We selected HERTWICH ENGINEERING, a company of the SMS group for our continuous homogenizing furnace, leaders and competence in the accepted worldwide modern Aluminium casthouse based on more than 30 years of experience.